About Us

Options for Homes is a non-profit social enterprise that develops condominiums.  We help people achieve the dream of home ownership by passing along cost-savings and offering down payment support to our purchasers.  Since building the first 3 condos in Toronto's Distillery District over 23 years ago, Options has helped over 3100 households through our “pay it forward” model.

Our award-winning Options Down Payment Loan is a shared appreciation loan that is payment-free until the homeowner sells or rents out their home. We can boost each purchaser’s down payment by up to 15% of the Purchase Price. All the purchaser needs to pay is at least 5% of the Purchase Price towards a down payment. The Options Down Payment Loan helps to keep homeowner carrying costs lower because it reduces the mortgage amount needed from the bank.

Our partner banks (BMO, TD and Meridian) provide mortgages to our purchasers, recognizing the Options Down Payment Loan as though it were the purchasers’ own money.  Options has partnered with Tridel’s third party construction arm, Deltera, to create high quality condo apartments and townhomes for over 18 years

How Options Saves You Money

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